Our law firm

About us

DPS Avocats was founded by experienced lawyers who have been confronted to various high-stakes and complex situations.

We provide our clients with our talent as lawyers, our skills and our experience in legal advice, dispute and negotiation in order to enable them to reach their goals. As long-term partners for our clients, we help them turn their constraints into profitable investments.

Our commitments

By listening to our clients, we foster discussions and  take part in their reflection process in order to suggest innovative strategies and solutions that we will then implement.

We gathered a team which enables us to approach our clients' legal issues in a cross-cutting and pragmatic way.

Our method

In order to ensure that the situation of our clients is fully considered, we are able to set up interdisciplinary teams in partnership with other professionals with complementary skills (CPAs, auditors, private bankers, family offices, notaries, sector experts, coaches, etc.)