Construction and real estate law


As a historical practice of our firm, we accompany and assist owners and users in all areas related to the rental contract of buildings (commercial leases, residential leases, professional leases, civil leases, occupancy agreements). Our teams are involved at all stages of the contractual relationship, from the negotiation and drafting of contracts to the transfer or termination of the lease. Every day, we manage all issues relating to rental disputes (in particular, judicial determination of rents, eviction and occupancy indemnities, recovery of rental debts, judicial termination of leases, eviction, restoration work, abnormal annoyances in the neighborhood).


We are involved in all aspects of the collective organization of property and mainly in condominium law. We assist and advise property management agencies and co-owners on their rights and obligations resulting from the status of condominium (drafting resolutions at the general meeting, transfer of common areas, assistance in the event of dysfunction of the condominium bodies, works within the condominium, control over common areas). We also represent our clients in disputes relating to the life of this collective organization: proceedings to recover condominium charges, invalidity proceedings regarding the general meeting, proceedings regarding disturbances in common areas or the execution of works within the condominium.


We advise the project supervisor in all legal aspects related to construction and ensure the follow-up of disputes throughout the construction operation, from the preventive summary proceedings phase to the lifting of reservations after receipt. We provide our client with permanent support in the negotiation, analysis and drafting of delegated project supervision contracts, works contracts and architect's contracts. We monitor disputes in the event of a construction incident, contract termination, implementation of legal construction guarantees in the event of disturbances, disputes over additional works, penalties and delays on the construction site.

Real estate sale

We are involved in all issues relating to the sale and purchase of a real-estate property, whether it concerns the execution of sale promises and agreements, the effectiveness of deeds of sale or the responsibility of each of the parties involved in the real estate transaction. We are thus present in all the following situations: completion of the conditions precedent, forced sale, payment of immobilization compensation or commissions, guarantee of hidden defects and surface under the Carrez law, defects in consent, liability of the notary, real estate agent or property trader.