Personal data and technology law

IT Projects

We assist our clients in the implementation of complex information systems or outsourcing operations (SaaS, PaaS, ERP, system integration, third-party application maintenance, managed services, call centers, etc.) as well as in the context of responses to tenders or procurement disputes (pre-contractual referrals). More broadly, we also assist them in the management of disputes (pre-dispute, amicable or judicial expertise, IT dispute).

Personal data

We have developed a specific expertise in personal data.

Internet law

We are involved in the field of Internet law and more particularly in digital business. Our role concerns issues related to the creation and operation of commercial and non-commercial websites, and particularly digital market places and digital platform.

We offer services in consulting, audit, drafting and negotiation of contracts (website creation, terms and conditions, maintenance, hosting, Internet charter...), and as importantly, the legal defense of our clients' interests, particularly in terms of counterfeiting, unfair or parasitic competition.