Employement law

Our firm has acquired a strong experience in the management of individual and collective relations disputes. It thus provides day-to-day support to decision-makers and employees to resolve legal issues and adapt responses to specific situations: mandatory annual negotiations, crisis and psychosocial risks management, complex individual situations, collective agreements and individual labor relations.

Individual labour relations

In order to secure labor relations in the company and through the professional career, we assist managers and employees in their daily decision-making, whether when they are hired (assistance and drafting of the employment contract), during the employement relation (sanctions for the employee and the protected employee) or when the employment contract is terminated (layoffs, conventional termination, transactions).

Collective labour relations

We help businesses manage their collective status and employee representative bodies. As such, we provide daily support to companies in their relations with employee representative institutions, particularly on issues related to the organization of working time, relations with employement administration and the management of collective relation disputes.

Prevention of criminal risk

Our firm also specializes in assisting businesses and executives in better understanding criminal risks: occupational health and safety, work injuries, concealed work, discrimination and harassment.