Corporate law

Merger Acquisitions and equity transactions

Our ability to understand the economic, financial, human and environmental challenges of companies allows us to operate at all stages of their development and transfer (structuring, reorganization, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, asset sale, share sale, joint ventures, fundraising, etc) As a forward-thinking firm, we advise our clients in the preliminary phases, ranging from strategic and risk analysis to acquisition audits, as well as in the actual execution of operations (drafting of agreements, contract negotiations, etc.) and coordinate the involvement of the various consultants required to carry out the operations.


We implement and monitor governance, especially by managing partnership agreements. In collaboration with tax and financial experts, we develop schemes to align the interests of the various categories of partners (financial investors, executives, managers, key employees), and to protect executives.

Corporate law disputes

We manage disputes related to the life of businesses, both in terms of governance (conflicts between partners, dismissal of executives, etc.) and following merger acquisition operations (application of asset and liability warranties, payment of a price addition, etc.) We intervene both before the courts and in alternative methods of settlement (conciliation, mediation, arbitration).

Corporate life management

We offer legal assistance services for the usual management of companies and groups and their governance (partnership agreements, legal secretariat, incorporation of companies) in the regulated and unregulated sectors.